Food & Wine

Food & Wine


This very tasty plate needs to be mix with a ripe and smooth red wine. The texture and the aromas of château le Jard enhanced all the nice flavor of the mushroom. The sweetness of the chicken with sesame will be pair with the elegance and softness of this wine.


The fineness of the goose will be perfect with the beautiful complexity of Château Fontvieille 2016 Cotes de Bourg. This smooth and delicate wine will enhance the flavor of this plate. It is a perfect pair for sure.


The bitter side of this plate must be balanced with a smooth fragrance wine. For that, we have selected this Château Marquis de Mons 2011 Saint Emilion Grand Cru. This agreeable and mature wine will bring down the acidity of the vegetables giving the perfect combination.


The high aromatic flavor of the pork cooked with alcohol of rice needs to be paired with a powerful body wine. Château Les Aublines 2016 côtes de Bordeaux will be a perfect choice. It will develop a nice aromatic sensation on your palate.


The elastic texture of the seafood flavor and vegetable needs a little freshness in your mouth. The freshness of our Bordeaux red 2018 Château Haute Courtiade will be a good choice.


The mixture of mushroom, vegetal, and meat needs to be pair with a wine that is not too strong and tannic. This is why we recommend this Medoc 2016 Château la Grande Mothe. This typical wine from Medoc with a high percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon will increase all the flavor of your dish.

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